General Affair Staff
We are looking for a passionate candidate to join this position!

- Bachelor Degree form any major (minimum Diploma Degree);
- At least 2 (two) years experience in as General Affair in Retail Industry or Manufacturing (Is A Must);
- Minimum 38 years old, good in shape;
- Have a good track record in the previous experiences as General Affair;
- Has excellent knowledge and experience in Retail operation;
- Have a good communication skill and interpersonal skills;
- Good administrative tasks;
- Highly motivated and able to work under pressure yet tight timeline;
- Able to work as an individual and team;
- Strong leadership and has problem solving skill;
- Able to multi-task and pay attention in detail;
- Have a technical expertise in office administration and mechanical electrical (will be advantage);
- Good command in Microsoft Office is a must;
- Familiar with company licence and permits;
- Willing to work mobile and overtime;
- Willing to work six days, from Monday to Saturday.

- Perform administration tasks for General Affair Department;
- Maintain Office’s supplies, Warehouse supplies and operational report; - Manage relationship with external partners;
- Manage to perform maintenance on facilities and building management at all the office environment;
- Coordinate general services such as office’s vechicle management and maintenance, cleaning service, Pest control and others;
- In charge of all office facilities, equipments and tools purchasing (based on request by Department);
- Monitoring Housekeeping, OB, Driver and Securities schedules;
- Asset management and manage company/operatioonal Car include its legal aspects, maintenance and insurance;
- Direct administrative activities of billing and payment regarding office operations such as office stationery, pantry supplies, phones, rental, etc;
- Handling and maintain the process and timeline of legals matters and permits;
- Direct purchasing related to office operations.APPLY ONLINE
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