Rani Ramadhany and Gloria Jessica on Modern Kartini

Rani Ramadhany and Gloria Jessica Interview 2017
Photographs by Monica Nadira

Rani Ramadhany and Gloria Jessica are the duo behind #MaduBulan series on YouTube. And if you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll know that recently we’ve just visited East Flores with the two to shoot something special for our upcoming collection out this April.

Speaking about April, everyone knows that us Indonesians celebrate Hari Kartini on the 21st. In honor of the commemoration, we couldn’t help but share their inspiring stories on 247 COTTONINK Magazine, from their trip to East Flores to definition of Modern Kartini.

“It’s time for women to show that they’re able to have a career and do anything as good as men. Women who has integrity, talent and know exactly how to use them is my version of modern Kartini,” explains Gloria. Similar from her best friend, Rani thinks that modern Kartini is a woman “who is brave and has the courage to do whatever she wants, without being afraid of other people’s opinion or certain stereotypes.” And yes, we couldn’t agree more.

Rani Ramadhany and Gloria Jessica Interview on Modern Kartini 2017

Read more about Rani Ramadhany and Gloria Jessica cover story on 247 COTTONINK Magazine April Issue.
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