Blue Jeans You’re Going to Want to Try Now


Fashion trend changes from time to time, but we know one thing for sure: blue jeans will never go out of style. Yes, they’re here to stay no matter what the year or season is. Because chances are everyone, including us, grew up wearing blue jeans.

Remember the times when you were playing outdoor as a 6-year-old kid? We’re just guessing but we bet blue jeans were the bottoms you were wearing. Also, the times when you felt like you had nothing to wear during college days, jeans must be the ones you picked to pair with whatever the top you had your eyes on.

So, if currently you’re wondering what kind of jeans to buy now, you’re visiting the right page. Scroll down to see the jeans that will make a huge impact on your daily outfit!


Boyfriend Jeans


Give a fresh makeover to your casual look with some distressed boyfriend jeans. Want to take your dressing up game to a whole new level? Try wearing the jeans with pleated long top and mules.


Frayed-Hem Jeans


This frayed-hem pair requires less effort to style since pairing only pairing it with oversized t-shirt will make you look chic already.


More to Love


Want to see more fashion-forward pieces? Simply head over to Also, we have good news for you who live in Malaysia: our products are now available to purchase at FashionValet! Yeaaay!

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