Sweater: The One Piece Everyone Should Own


Rainy season has officially come and it definitely calls for comfortable and pretty sweater to wear. Seriously, nothing can stop us from dressing up no matter what the season is. Also, what better way to cover yourself up from the chilly weather than with cozy sweater? It’s almost impossible to get through the season without one, don’t you agree? Because sadly, we can’t curl inside our blanket all day everyday since adulthood requires us to run errands here and there.


Keep on scrolling to see the items you should add to your wardrobe now!


Mustard Lynette


The clouds may be dark and grey but your sweater shouldn’t! Try wearing one in bright color. Who knows that it could instantly brighten up your mood?


Beige Lynette


Don’t want anything bright-colored? You sure need this cozy piece in beige! It looks just as good with wide-leg pants as it does with skinny jeans.


Maroon Sherwood


Not only warm and cozy, cable-knit is a timeless piece you can literally wear with everything. Time to bid adieu to the cold weather!

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